Defending Rob Titchner - 06/05/16


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This week Kirstin's going through s.76 Serious Crime Act 2015.  It deals with coercive control - or domestic violence that's not that physical.  We use the scandalous plot of "The Archers" to briefly explain what can make up the background to these new cases.Take a listen right here.Then we go through the section to look at who can and can't be guilty of the offence and where the problems might lie in making it stick where there are no other offences.  Is this just a way of getting 5 years for common assault?We go on to look at the practicalities involved for a trial - problems the prosecution will face and the holes that might be worth poking at if you're defending.Let us know if you like the new "Bites" format (shorter and with less wine and cake) or if you are longing for a return to our longer format. If you are a law student, we'd be really grateful if you would spread the news of our show's return around your law school friends. Also, get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.PLEASE RATE/REVIEW US: wherever you subscribe, please take two seconds as we start this series, to give us some stars and a few kind words.  We'd be e'er so obliged.  It helps us get up the search rankings, ya see.  If you use iTunes, please click here and it'll take just seconds!