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A podcast by practising barristers in Manchester, England. This show presents updates on legal matters in the public eye and provides a useful update tool for those in the justice system as well as non-lawyers who want to hear the legal reality of often mis-reported justice matters.

Sexual Communications - 17/05/16

Listen to this week's show right here.This week, Kirstin examines the little heard of s.67 of the Serious Crime Act 2015 which creates a new offence o...
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Defending Rob Titchner - 06/05/16

This week Kirstin's going through s.76 Serious Crime Act 2015.  It deals with coercive control - or domestic violence that's not that physical.  We us...
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Property is Theft - 25/04/16

In this week's show, we take a look at the Sentencing Council's recent Theft Offences guideline. Take a listen right here. Theft is probably the most ...
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Series Break - 7th November 2014

Dear Listeners of Northpod Law and of UK Criminal Law Blog PodcastFrom time to time, the fates conspire against us all and the absence of our last sho...
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S14E03 - Rights and Wrong'uns

You can listen to this week's show right here.This week's show is about the Tory plan to abolish the Human Rights Act and to put England and Wales (th...
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S14E02 - Corruption

With Ben still suffering from the Dreaded Lurgy and Jonathan being AWOL, Kirstin is left to man the battlements of Northpod Towers this week.  Have a ...
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S14E01 - Power to the Victim

You can listen here!This week we scrabble around in the mud to bring you a frankly minimal offering of law.  It may have been the silly season but the...
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