Disappearance of the Yuba County 5: The American Dyatlov Pass


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Research begins at 24:52This week’s topic is one night out gone wrong, and years later the mystery of why these 5 men ended up dead in Yuba County is a real head scratcher. Such a head scratcher, in fact, this topic is considered the American version of the Dyatlov Pass incident! So, pack your road trip snacks and hop on in the bunker mobile as Andy and Art travel through the whole enchilada on the Yuba County Five! Thanks to Walker Edwards for the topic! Research starts at 24:52.In the first segment, Andy and Art update you on their life in the bunker.In the second segment, Andy and Art  give you, the listeners, an uninterrupted presentation of their research into the Yuba County 5.Finally, Andy and Art discuss why Andy wouldn’t die next to Art, fuck dungeons for local bikers, and so much more!Send us your thoughts to @MrBunkerPod and mrbunkerpod@gmail.com using the hashtag #GallonOfRanch or #FuckDungeonForLocalBikersMusic by Michael MartelloArtwork by Hannah RossAudio Editing by Arthur StoneFollow Us:PatreonTwitterInstagramWebsiteYoutubeLinks Mentioned:Yuba County Five - WikipediaYuba County Five: An Overview — Astonishing LegendsThe Mysterious Disappearance of the Yuba County 5 -BrainScratch: The Missing FiveThe Strange Disappearance of The Yuba County 5 – America’s Dyatlov Pass IncidentThe Strange Disappearance of The Yuba County FiveThe 'American Dyatlov Pass'. Five young men abandon a warm, safe car and disappear into the night.: UnresolvedMysteriesWashington Post: 5 'Boys' Who Never Come Back