Mr. Bunker's Conspiracy Time Podcast

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Each week, Andy and Art, two Chicago comedians and skeptics, are abducted by the titular Mr. Bunker. Mr. Bunker brings Andy and Art to his secret doomsday bunker where they must podcast about various conspiracy theories, paranormal activity, and all things bizarre! Will Bunker's research convince these two skeptics? Will it convince you?

Extraterrestrials: The Grey Aliens

Research begins at 25:00Time to abduct the whole enchilada on The Greys. Andy and Art anal probe your mind tummies with the Grey Alien’s origins, ship...
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Dingonek - The jungle walrus

Research begins at 22:45Jungle walrus! You’re drivin’ me mad! You’re making me crazy! Bunk Funkers, the hunt for the elusive cryptid - the Dingonek - ...
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The Death of John Lennon

Research begins at 33:04Imagine, Bunk Funkers, a music icon shot dead by a madman. It’s sadly almost cliche - kinda like a bunch of celebrities gettin...
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HAARP: Weather and Mind Control?

Research begins at 29:14HAARP the conspiracy angel sings! What is HAARP? What are they doing up there in that Alaskan facility? And why is HAARP at th...
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