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Episode Five Wolf Point High School, in Montana, is currently under investigation by the Civil Rights Office for discrimination. Native American students talk about being invisiable in a school district where the Native students make up 52% of the school population. Ruth, a seventeen year old Junior from Fort Peck reservation tells her story of discrimination. Article: Book: Love, Bettina (2020). We Want To Do More Than Survive:Abolitionist teaching and pursuits of educational freedom. S.I.:BEACON About the Host Ronalda Warito-Tome is currently in the Graduate Program for Race and Social Justice. She has been an advocate for Native American children with disabilities for 20 years. She was raised on the Navajo reservation in a community called Crownpoint NM. Ronalda has a BA in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Special Education from the University of New Mexico. Ronalda has been a change-agent within Native communities and schools for a life-time. She is a mother, mentor, motivational speaker and spiritualist. Music Music from "Guiton Sketch" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (