Dr. Ray Peat - Liver Health, Milk, Alcohol, & Listener Q&A


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Dr Raymond Peat is back and needs no introduction, but do check out his website - http://www.raypeat.com to read his plethora of wonderfully well-written and well-researched articles. Thank you for these wonderful listener questions and hope you enjoy hearing the answers to your question. Learn about what Dr. Peat thinks about Chinese medicine and liver stagnation/liver heat. Learn what about of t3 Dr Peat recommends. And what would Dr Peat say to a mono diet of Milk only? Find out here! More Time Stamps: 25:40 Calcium to pHosphorus ratio question 27:17 Growing taller after stunted nutrition 29:10 What to do if you can’t tolerate progesterone 35:06 Any breads that are okay to consume? 37:27 Is Benadryl safe to use for sleep and allergies? 38:33 Depersonalization Panic Disorder 39:45 Tension headaches around menstruation 43:15 Ray prefers Slightly Hyperthyroid and how to keep it there 47:55 Ray’s prediction of the future after Covid and the Vaccines 50:30 Oral health, sugar and cavities, and strategies to help the ph of the mouth Be sure to sign up for Dr. Peat’s newsletter, by emailing raypeatsnewsletter@gmail.com To work with Jodelle via phone or zoom nutrition therapy consulting, please email getfitwithjodelle@gmail.com or visit http://www.getfitwithjodelle.com Thank you to our sponsors! - MOS https://mosequipment.com/?ref=cGFWJ1 - COUPON CODE: JODELLE FOR 5% OFF - Getlambs.com promo code “Jodelle” for 15% off - C60 - https://c60purplepower.com/get-fit/ Promo code: JODELLE saves 10% Please like, share and subscribe! Your support is greatly appreciated!