Ep. 121- The United Nation of Islam


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It's About Damn Crime

True Crime

This week the girls get together to talk about Brittney’s favorite subject: CULTS. Specifically, the UNOI, a religious group started by a man named Royall Jenkins, who calls himself “Royall, Allah in person”, and claims to have had traveled in spaceships with angels. Thing’s get crazier than this so be sure to tune in to find out more.ALSO! Don’t forget to get your tickets to see us at the ALTERNATIVE BABE LIVE SHOW on Oct. 26 at 8pm at the Pole Fitness Studio! Tickets are only $5!Send your stranger danger stories to ItsAboutDamnCrime@gmail.com or head over to ItsAboutDamnCrime.com to submit it via the SD form.Twitter & Snapchat- IADCpodcastInstagram, Facebook, Facebook Group- It's About Damn Crime