Ep 231 - Hall of Fame | Maria Chico - Successful City Executive Stopped Yo-Yoing, Lost 20kgs And Now Fit For Life!


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Maria came to us over a year ago fed up with feeling like she was always dieting.   With a history of diabetes in the family, and more people around her battling with their weight, she didn't want to risk reaching 40 only to discover everything inside of her was failing. She wanted to make changes to her life, and most importantly, make changes in a way that's sustainable for her for years to come. She wanted to transform while gaining an education. And a year later, she's got into the shape of her life, stayed there for a while, and is loving learning more about nutrition, mindset and lifestyle everyday. On this episode of RNT Fitness, I’m joined by Maria to discuss her journey. It’s a truly remarkable story, and you’ll hear from Maria’s emotions just how deep this goes, and how much she’s harnessed the power of the physical as the vehicle! Be sure to check out the case study linked in the show notes! “Start making the changes as soon as you can.” - Maria Chico Timestamps:     00:00 – Intro 00:15 – The triggers back in 2020 03:45 – Her weight growing up 08:05 – Overcoming the breaking point of her life 12:15 – Maintaining weight 15:15 – How her romantic relationship went downhill 20:50 – What caused her to gain weight 25:40 – Other factors aside from lack of education 28:15 – Maria’s RNT Journey 36:40 – Time and procrastination 40:30 – How she evolved through self-awareness 44:50 – The value of portion control 51:20 – Building a lifestyle solution 52:38 – Making changes 57:48 – Looking after yourself 1:01:50 – Wrap up Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe to “RNT Fitness Radio” and rate and review wherever you get your podcasts:       Apple Podcasts    Stitcher    iHeart Radio       For any podcast suggestions, or if you’d like to get in touch, please do so on podcast@rntfitness.com here. We’d love to hear from you!       If you’re in the UK, and you use supplements, I’d highly recommend checking out Reflex Nutrition, where they’re giving you up to 40% on all their range if you use the code PTRNT at checkout. I’ve been using Reflex for nearly a decade, with their Micro Whey being one of my favourite whey proteins. It’s grass fed, hormone free, and digests so well compared to most on the market. Check out their full supplement range, including all your transformation basics and plant based alternatives, on https://reflexnutrition.com/ and use PTRNT at checkout for up to 40% off.       Resources:   Take the Transformation Quiz Our Book: Transform Your Body, Transform Your Life Member Story Follow RNT Fitness:       Website   Facebook   Instagram   YouTube   Email      Follow Akash:     Facebook   Instagram    LinkedIn