Ep 234 - Hall of Fame | Ella Wreford: Fitness & Pregnancy


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Tired and exhausted from trying to conceive for a couple of years, Ella wanted a change of scene. She chose to focus on the physical as a way to ease the stress of trying to conceive and also to try and clean up her diet and routine. When she joined RNT she realised pretty early on all the things that made her feel good, making the whole process of trying to fall pregnant that much easier.  Episode 234 talks about how she managed her deep desire to become a mother and the anchor RNT provided to her emotional and mental state from conception and through her pregnancy.  So just hook on your headphones and listen on your favourite platform. “I feel so good doing my training and my morning walks. If I missed them, my day is a different day.” - Ella Wreford Timestamps:   00:11 - The Trigger 02:15 - The yo-yoing cycle 02:30 - Types of training plans 03:31 - State of mind 04:25 - Enter RNT 05:34 - Results  06:15 - Things that made me feel good 06:57- Fertility journey  09:53 - Pregnancy 12:45 - Training during pregnancy 17:27 - Nutrition during pregnancy 20:25 - Eating for 2? 21:37 - Staying motivated 24:20 - Strength training for women 26:52 - Post pregnancy training goals 28:50 - Nuggets from RNT Education 30:22 - Physical is the vehicle  34:23 - Tips to members 35:46 - Nutrition Nuggets from RNT  Thanks so much for listening! If you like this episode, please subscribe to “RNT Fitness Radio” and rate and review wherever you get your podcasts:       Apple Podcasts    Stitcher    iHeart Radio       For any podcast suggestions, or if you’d like to get in touch, please do so on podcast@rntfitness.com here. We’d love to hear from you!       If you’re in the UK, and you use supplements, I’d highly recommend checking out Reflex Nutrition, where they’re giving you up to 40% on all their range if you use the code PTRNT at checkout. I’ve been using Reflex for nearly a decade, with their Micro Whey being one of my favourite whey proteins. It’s grass fed, hormone free, and digests so well compared to most on the market. Check out their full supplement range, including all your transformation basics and plant based alternatives, on https://reflexnutrition.com/ and use PTRNT at checkout for up to 40% off.       Resources:   Take the Transformation Quiz Our Book: Transform Your Body, Transform Your Life Member Story   Follow RNT Fitness:      Website   Facebook   Instagram   YouTube   Email      Follow Akash:   Facebook   Instagram    LinkedIn