EP 69: Ask A Sports Nutritionist


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Heartland Running


Crystal is back with another “Ask the Expert” episode.  This week she talks with sports nutritionist, Meredith Terranova who answers questions from our listeners. Meredith  has a B.S. degree in Human Nutrition and has been helping her clients reach their nutritional goals since 2004 at her consultancy, Eating and Living Healthy.  She also recently completed her fourth Ultraman, and has raced over 50 ultramarathons with several wins and podium finishes. We cover topics that include: Questions on current diet trends - LCHF, intermittent fasting, plant based, keto, etc. Weight loss/gain Fueling for the run and recovery Supplements Find out more about Meredith:  Website, Facebook   Where to find Heartland Running: Website,  Facebook Group,  Instagram,  Strava Club Call or text us at 513-486-4636 Save 20% on SWORD Performance Products by using discount code:HEARTLANDRUNNER at checkout Check out Steve Durbin’s races at Durbin Race Management and use discount code HRP15 to save 15%. A special thank you goes out to The Ozark Mountain Daredevils for allowing us to use their music on the show.