Episode 14: Simple Hacks For Protecting Your Investments When Things Go Tough


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The market always has a way of setting someone back.  In 2020, we have seen stocks drop harder than they have in decades at the helm of the Coronavirus.  Here are some quick and easy hacks to keep your financial dollars pulling the weight for you while the market recovers.  You guessed it, we are using real estate.DominatorTV: The “No B.S.” guide to modern day buying, selling, and investing. Agent-only insights, career starters, and community events scheduled regularly. Tune in every Monday at 8am EST for the newest episode! DominatorTV available on YouTube, Podbean, Spotify, and iTunes. Keep in mind that practices and laws vary by location and situation.  I don’t claim to be a legal expert; I’m just here to help you along the way to achieving your real estate goals. Follow me on social: Facebook: Dave the Dominator  / Instagram: @davethedominator / Twitter @davedominator18 /  E-Mail: dave@davethedominator.com  / Call or Text now at 423-290-6827  / Office: 423-476-5532