Episode 18 - Jessica Emerick & Joe Studer (VO2 Fitness)


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Back at it with Episode 18. For this episode, I'm joined in studio with Jessica Emerick and Joe Studer from VO2 Fitness in Newark, Ohio. We sit down to talk about kickboxing, the growth of women's combat sports, Jessica getting closer to her kickboxing debut and why "Late Model Buick" is the best fighting nickname for me. In the second half, you get a quick glimpse into our day, on location, training at VO2 Fitness with Jess, Joe, and Kevin Rittenhouse...and yours truly gets to spar a round with Jess. It's truly motivational and inspiring. Think about all of the inspiring sports films and speeches you've seen and heard from over the years....and it is not that.   To watch our day at the gym, check it out at: https://youtu.be/ZWaHcUbbdbY