Episode 5 - Looper & Primer


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Episode #5 - Looper & Primer This time travel stuff will fry your brain! This week on Rewind!, we take a crack at time travel mechanics and discuss two time travel films. The newer release is 'Looper', by Rian Johnson, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, and Emily Blunt. The older film is 'Primer', from 2004 and directed by Shane Carruth. It stars Shane Carruth and David Sullivan. Come listen to us get in way over our heads! Thanks for listening, and if you like are show please go to iTunes, subscribe to us, and leave some feedback! Films and T.V. Shows mentioned this week: 'Looper' 'Primer' 'Harry Brown' 'Battle Royal' 'The Seventh Seal' 'The Walking Dead' 'American Horror Story' Check us out on: iTunes www.franklyspeakingmedia.com/rewind facebook.com/rewindpodcast Twitter @podcastrewind