Episode 64, Iron Eagle


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Cinema Poison


How secure are our Military’s secrets?  Short answer, not very.  John Connor starts off the episode very confused.  Why do all these movies have a shitty younger brother or sister?  Who would win in a dick sucking competition, Doug Masters or Knotcher?  What is with this dirt bike vs. plane race?  We try not to die like Jimmy Branson at Devils Face.  Bowen references his since abandoned YouTube channel.  George wants to play with the boys in their danger zones.  Zero chance Chappie would risk his life and career to help this fucker.  Drink every time one of us says ludicrous.  Of course many Top Gun references are made.  Would you pay money for an audiobook narrated by Chappie? Contact us at cinemapoisonpodcast@gmail.com Follow us on Twitter @CinemaPoison “Chappiiiiieeeeee!!!”