Episode 68 - NFC East dreams and Election comedy


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Goat Level Podcast


In this episode, I talk about the NFC East chances of winning a playoff game. I recapped the Eagles vs Cowboys. I never really took the election seriously but the drama is hilarious. The women I like being so heavily into politics discourages me. I try to make a case for the Cowboys beating the Steelers but I would rather see them suffer. Predicted OU would destroy Kansas, that's exactly what ended up happening. Chad Dukes got canned but I understand why....for the most part. The KBO playoffs is going to be insane. It's a shame what is happening to ESPN but it's a sign of the times. The Hypothetical GOTE is the 98 Bulls/Jazz vs 2016 Warriors/Cavs --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/goat-level-podcast/support