Episode 83 – Manure Storm


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Hip and the Lip


Hip and Lip (Chicago) storm their way back with a preview of the Hip’s impending voyage to the midwest! After the Lip gloats about his NCAA pick, the boys quickly transition into the NFL Draft which the Hip expresses his indifference to all of the coverage while expressing relief that for ONCE his beloved Jets are not the center of the “manure storm” (one guess which team is!). The Lip takes the reins to join all of those who are incredulous over that “team’s” 1st round selection (Eli and Peyton in a blender!). The Hip then gets into his element talking Majah League Baseball and Luke Voit’s prowess on the walking wounded Yankees! The wide ranging discussion covers the terrible Mets pitching (and the AMAZIN Jeff McNeil and Peter Alonso), the Hip’s skepticism about the Rays “false opener” strategy, the shockingly bad performances by “ace” pitchers and the last place Red Sox! The Hip then allows the Lip go into full “diarrhea of the mouth” mode after the Islanders’ disappointing beginning to their 2nd round series. The Lip partially attests it to the negative vibe of the Barclays but the Hip says, “shame on the fans” for allowing the building to be an issue. The boys have to talk a little NBA (right?) and the reasons for the stunning ratings decline (Where art thou Lebron?). Some uptucking baseball stats are the HMOZ and the Hip travels to a world renowned cocktail bar for his hipstah beer of da week (The H irony is so infused with citra!)