Hip and the Lip

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Brad "The Hip" Polizzano conducts the chaos of the spasmodic and encyclopedic cacophony of Eric "The Lip" Lipman into this mesmerizing NY sports podcast masterpiece of our time.

Episode 90 – Johnson’s Topshot

The H & L are back right on schedule just in time for the release of Woody Johnson’s vaccine….get in line Jets fans!  After the Hip introduces all of ...
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Episode 88 – Golden Tainted Love

The Hip and the Lip’s triumphant return (4th or 5th?) via Zoom and just in time for…a complete breakdown of the Chris Boucher situation north of the b...
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Episode 87 – For Our Friend YB

The Hip and Lip give their first version of QuarantineCast via ZOOM.  The boys share their own personal perspectives and experiences of Covid-19 world...
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Episode 84 – Depreciating Assets

The Lip starts off giving a “clue” as to his whereabouts just as the Hip once again reminds the audience of his eagle eye view of the Garden as well a...
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Episode 83 – Manure Storm

Hip and Lip (Chicago) storm their way back with a preview of the Hip’s impending voyage to the midwest! After the Lip gloats about his NCAA pick, the ...
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Episode 82 – Zig Zag Zion

The Hip and the Lip “storm” (not red storm!) into the topic ruling the day (Corey Latimer!) and of course the tourney.  The Hip enjoys the dichotomy o...
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