Episode 84 – Depreciating Assets


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Hip and the Lip


The Lip starts off giving a “clue” as to his whereabouts just as the Hip once again reminds the audience of his eagle eye view of the Garden as well as ...Knicks Draft Lottery Party!!!  The guys can only pity the lowly Knicks for sinking (and depreciating) so low while reminding fans that finishing 3rd is still lucky and good!! The boys then talk about a few fanbases that have actual reason to be excited in Toronto and Milwaukee and which team poses the biggest threat to the Warriors dominance.  The Hip can only lament the state of the affairs with the Jets firing of the GM as the Lip has a little fun with the Hip’s prior statement of, “Negative media attention is finally not directed at the Jets!” The Hip jinxed them!!  This NY sports firing leads to the question… "How have the Mets not fired Mickey!" The Lip though reminds the listeners of a couple of “Joe” managers that never disciplined Robbie either.  A Bob Uecker reference opens the door for a plug for the Hip’s company as well as the Mets' downtrodden radio voice (He was more excited reading the ad!).  The Hip demonstrates the extreme dichotomy between the NY baseball teams while the Lip goes on a little bit of an MLB rant and how attendance keeps “depreciating.” The Lip gives a little Isles offseason preview and bemoans yet another Boston team in a championship game in the NHL. But JD is back Rangiz fans! “Oh baby!” The Hip busts out the tax fedora for a lesson in “depreciation,” followed by a dual HMOZ including, “Mike fell asleep again!” and the Hip’s “slurping” farewell to one of the most flamboyant Wrestlers to ever don a “gold” costume.