Essential Oils


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There's been a lot of talk about essential oils these days so we talked with a friend that swears by oils to see what it's all about. Is it just a fad or can oils really heal naturally? We sat down with Kathleen, an oily momma, oil expert and a Young Living rep, to ask her all about her experience with oils, what they are, what they do and so much more. Kathleen let us in on how she went from an oil skeptic to oil's biggest believer and why knowing what you're putting in and on your body is your important. As she said (and we love), "invest in your wellness" rather than "paying for your illness." Connect with Kathleen on Instagram @kayyyleen_b!Don't forget to follow us at @happyishthepodcast on Instagram, like us on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest. You can email us at Follow Courtney at @clfordd and Emily at @emily.kyle.d.Make sure to tag us in your #SelfCare2020 posts! TBH we need self care now more than ever...Stay happy and heathy, xoxo