Festival Shmestival Episode 5: Kyle Kinane


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Pod Minutes to Cast Night


Elephant ears! We got Kyle Kinane (Comedy Central, Adventure Time, Paradise PD, Those Who Can't, all-around punk comedy icon) being silly with the boys and talking about his dream festival which is also on a barge in a lake! It's super fun so we decided to release this one for free. Check out Kyle's new stand up album, Trampoline in a Ditch out now! https://kylekinane.com/ Jordan and Drew are happy to announce a new PATREON EXCLUSIVE Two Minutes to Late Night podcast called Festival Shmestival where we have our guests design their own music festival, but the catch is the first 10 picks have to be from their recently played (which could be anything from accidental plays to whatever their kids were listening to).Check it out and join our Patreon for more at www.honorableswords.com