FI Ep41 #FIEliminator


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Matt Harmon (@MattHarmon_BYB) and Scott Fish (@scottfish24) join to talk about the Celebrity Eliminators I am running for Scott's #FantasyCares Toys For Tots drive.  We go over the leagues and talk about some potential way to attack the draft.  Most importantly though go to FANTASYCARES.NET and donate. You can sign up to draft against a celebrity (Harmon, Gelhar, Kritikos, Fish, Powell, Tagliere, Brandon Marianne, Den Den, Laub) or a celebrity group (DLF Podcast, Dynasty Happy Hour Podcast, Dynasty Life Podcast, FLAFFL Podcast)  Each league will raise $100 for charity.  Please share this episode with others. I always appreciate any feedback, subscribing, rates/reviews, but RETWEETS and sharing of this episode means way more. Spread this one as much as possible.  Thanks John Bosch @EMPIREFFL