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Go beyond standard fantasy leagues. Find a new idea to instill in your league. Create more interest with new ways to challenge your league. Take your FANTASY INSANITY to the next level

FI Ep42 - Catch 22

Ryan McDowell joins to talk about his Catch 22 leagues.    Interact with me on twitter @EMPIREFFL
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FI Ep41 #FIEliminator

Matt Harmon (@MattHarmon_BYB) and Scott Fish (@scottfish24) join to talk about the Celebrity Eliminators I am running for Scott's #FantasyCares Toys F...
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FI Ep40 Red List

Matt Price (@mpricer) of DLF joins to talk about his new league. The Red List Dynasty League which offers a unique setup and scoring system and a grea...
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FI Ep 38 - Nathan Powell

Nathan Powell (@NPowellFF)  joins to talk about his league that limits your auction pool by NFL division or NCAA conference Interact with me @EMPIREFF...
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FI EP37 Kevin Cutillo

Kevin Cutillo (@wallycentral) joins me to talk about going from one dynasty league to double digits in the span of a few months.  DYNASTYHAPPYHOUR.COM...
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FI Ep36 Mike Tagliere

Mike Tagliere (@miketagliereNFL) joins me to talk about what happens when you become "The Fantasy Guy".  We also talk about the fun of an extremely de...
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FI EP 34-Power Hungry

Justin McCasland(@MaclandJ) and Travis May (@FF_TravisM) won the #PowerHungry league in year 1. They joined to gloat about it. Not really, but they di...
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Scott Fish (@scottfish24) returns to talk about his CAPITALIST PIGS league.  Interspersed you will hear from some of the owners on their thoughts of t...
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FI EP30 NFL Playoff Fantasy

Tim Keller (@TimDynastyFF) of Dynasty Happy Hour joins me to talk about some ways to keep playing fantasy football during the NFL playoffs.  We talk a...
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FI EP29 - Devy

As you watch the college bowl season enjoy this episode with Katie Flower @FF_Skyler399 as she talks about DEVY LEAGUES. The players you are watching ...
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