Finding Soul in a Bowl


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In this Episode, clueless cook and local comedian Keith Mackler attempts to prepare some traditional Colombian Sancocho (chicken stew) with the assistance of professional chef Sebastian Jaramillo of Brooklyn's "Mi Casa Foods". Keith's last meal was a ham sandwich from Duane Reade, so taking on this authentic Latin dish with fresh yuka, platanos, and an entire chicken (gizzards included) is a major step up! Despite a rough start surrounding the dismemberment of the bird, thanks to the helpful (and very patient) guidance of chef Sebastian, Keith eventually found his rhythm in the kitchen and produced something resembling Sancocho, but how was it? Tune in to find out if Keith succeeded in preparing this home-cooked meal dear to Sebastian's heart, or if his soggy potatoes failed us all miserably!* Featuring special guests, food enthusiasts, and dating experts Kimmy & Liza of Chix Productions. Wander on over to their own podcast, 51 First Dates, after you catch this week's episode of Salty!