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When it comes to food, there are those who can whip up Michelin-worthy goodness and then there are those "in a relationship" with their Seamless account. Never fear - sometimes those who CAN do teach! This is SALTY, a podcast where master chefs talk mere mortals through preparing a tasty meal for some very salty strangers… while the rest of us eat, listen, and JUDGE. Hosted by Perla and Lisi of Midnight Market!

Salty Break Time

If you've been following Salty since the beginning, you can probably guess our kitchen is now a complete mess! So we're taking a short break to do som...
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Finding Soul in a Bowl

In this Episode, clueless cook and local comedian Keith Mackler attempts to prepare some traditional Colombian Sancocho (chicken stew) with the assist...
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We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Pot!

In this Episode, our rookie AJ attempts to prepare pork tenderloin with the assistance of chef Sean Munshaw. As somebody who orders take-out for every...
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Feelin' Salty?

Get a taste of what's in store when you listen to Salty! This is the show where bad cooks are paired with pro chefs who attempt to walk them through t...
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