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Dale Miller is a sex educator at The Smitten Kitten and they are on the show today to give us up to date facts about lubrication, dispel myths and answer the questions about lube that you never thought to ask!   Dale Miller is one of the presenters of the RMSS this event, they will be presenting on November 16, 2019 on everything you need to know about lubrication. Today’s episode is meant to give us a general understanding of lubrication.   This interview is brought to you by The Rocky Mountain Sex Summit. The 2019 Rocky Mountain Sex Summit will be doing a deep dive into reproductive sexual health by bringing in the best and the brightest literally from around the world share the content that is LEADING the conversation on reproductive sexual health.   Understanding our reproductive journey?   What is the impact of contraceptive choices on our sex life?   What's the role of ovulation in the overall health of a female?   How is perimenopause influencing sexual health, mental health, emotional health and relationships as a whole?   What are the resources and options we can provide to our clients to help them feel informed and empowered as it relates to menstruation, contraception, perimenopause?   The RMSS will be covering these topics and more! go to Rockymountainsexsummit.com to get your tickets or find out more.   This event is for everybody not just clinicians.   On a personal note, I have been invited onto The Late Late Show with James Corden on November 18 to chug mustard. While I won’t be able to explain to the audience that I chug mustard to encourage parents to "mustard" up the courage to talk to their kids about sexual health, I will be up there chugging for all of you to keep the buzz alive!   IF you find this episode supportive I encourage you to think of someone who could use this episode and share it with them. We’re all growing together in these discussions and you sharing this may be the support they need to start these important conversations with their kids.   If you have any questions please feel free to leave a voicemail or text at 385-449-1818 or email me at   Thank you again for listening. I appreciate you being a part of the hive.   Listen on , , , , and     Leave Birds and Bees an iTunes review Leave a Stitcher Review Birds and Bees Facebook Page Listen from our webpage