Fucked up Friday Vday


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Beer talk


Well well well......looks like you wanted more of our shit show to listen to. I like your style. This week on Beer Talk Delaware (In a very low voice.) A Spa that lets you have a bath in beer. Beer made with lobster. Pepper spray beer. (We have some) No one know football on Jeopardy. Fifty Shades of Devito? We have Dude call in from a remote location.......J-Daws might join us after his date. Rick-E-Rodz calls in from the 2018 Olympics. (Two words......Asian hookers) All this and more at 7pm on Blogtalkradio.com/beertalkde Don't forget you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and snapchat @beertalkde You can also call in and chat with us live durning the show at 646-668-8931