Gregg Schoenberg - Rebuilding Trust


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Elephant in the Room


01:32 - Gregg’s background04:00 - Transparency and trust in fintech05:50 - Transparency and trust in asset management07:40 - Shared risk between managers and clients12:26 - “Nothing is free and things shouldn’t be free”16:39 - Transparency in regulation and the SEC’s Regulation Best Interest19:01 - Aperture’s fee model and the future of active management23:50 - Three big steps to improve trust in the financial system26:13 - What does name recognition have to do with trust?31:00 - Why is asset-based compensation hard to change?35:18 - The race to the illusion of “free”47:00 - Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) and performance1:02:45 - The future of finance1:08:35 - In the future of fintech, what will happen to the role of the human?