Growing an Estate Planning Practice Through Win-Win Partnerships and Stellar Client Experience with Stephanie Prestridge


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>> Get the newest LFG episodes delivered to your inbox when you Sign Up for our Newsletter.Resource Links:Connect with Stephanie on LinkedInGet access to our Estate Planning Masterclass when you join our Law Firm Growth Secrets Facebook groupEstate planning attorney? Stop sacrificing work-life balance and get more clients with Seminar 2.0Stephanie Prestridge has a passion for serving her clients and it shows. She’s built up her client list to include first-round draft picks from all three major sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB), actors, musicians, and even one of the most followed Tik Tok influencers. But Stephanie never planned to work in estate planning. When she graduated from college as a smart, young lawyer, she landed her first job in Maritime law. But after her grandfather received a devastating diagnosis, she decided to shift her focus to estate planning. And she created a thriving practice.So, how did she do it? Stephanie gives credit to both her unique practice model and her philosophy on serving her clients. In this week’s podcast, Stephanie Prestridge of Lineage Law joins us to discuss how her unique business model works - and why she uses it - and her philosophy on client experience. Stephanie shares her origin story, how she gets clients and how she directs her employees to fulfill her vision. Plus, she shares the autoresponder message she uses that’s allowed her to maintain work-life balance. There’s much more to learn in this episode about scaling your firm, so tune in now!In this episode: 01:00 - Why Stephanie got into estate planning 08:22 - What makes Stephanie’s practice model unique 11:17 - How she created a win-win partnership with financial advisors 16:30 - Stephanie’s approach to difficult conversations 20:40 - Stephanie’s philosophy on serving her clients 23:01 - Measuring employee success29:53 - The autoresponder Stephanie uses with clients 32:50 - What’s next for Lineage LawAbout Stephanie Prestridge:Stephie owns and manages Lineage Law, representing individuals and families with estate planning, life insurance, and business-related legal issues. Stephie is married to her law partner, Michael Hoover, who -- not to be outdone -- also has a national practice focused on life insurance disputes.  Together, Stephie and Michael have a teen hostage negotiator-in-training, Ava Grayce, and a future hopeful Roblox majority shareholder, Mason Michael.  They live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but enjoy traveling frequently to explore new places.  Stephie may be contacted at or at (225) 300-4776.If you liked this episode, please don’t forget to subscribe, tune in, and share this podcast. See for privacy and opt-out information.