HorrorFest II - Episode 1


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Welcome back!!!HorrorFest returns! It you're unaware this is a mini series we return to every year in October. 31 Horror Films for 31 Days of October!If you're a horror fan or not there is something in here for you, that may be some trusted recommendations for films or some straight up avoid warnings on films. In this episode we discuss they first seven films of this years HorrorFest.The films are:When a Stranger Calls (1979)Scare Me (2020)Evil Dead 2 (1989)Wrong Turn (2021)Ready or Not (2019)Life (2018)The Crow (1994)As we mention when discussing Scare Me if that peaks your interest check out Episode 43 of the podcast as we were lucky enough to sit down with Director/Writer and actor Josh Ruben.SPOTIFYYOUTUBEIf you didn't know we started HorrorFest last year, go check out that if you haven't so far! Although we are more organised this year it looks like we have a lot to say about these Horrors, we appreciate you listening no matter how far you get. Let us know if you took any of these recommendation!Don't forget you can support the podcast here:DiscordFacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.