How Do Motivation And Discipline Fit Into A Flow Business? — Ep. 117


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Unstuck | Mindset Coaching For Women


Here’s a hard truth: I see a lot of new entrepreneurs with very little motivation and discipline. And, it may seem like those two things are not required when building a business from a place of alignment and flow. That thought is the exact opposite of the truth behind manifestation and alignment and could be what's keeping you stuck! In this episode, I talk about how we develop our self-discipline and motivation, both practically and spiritually. You will learn how motivation and discipline are not only important in your business, but in your overall well-being in life. “Motivation and discipline are built into your life experience. They are a natural part of the process of following your inner guidance and manifesting.” - Shawn Mynar ‘If you want something but you are finding yourself without motivation or discipline, you’re finding yourself not taking regular action inspired towards it.” - Shawn Mynar “What’s not in alignment is you having a dream, having a desire, knowing your purpose, knowing your passion and NOT doing what it takes to get there.” - Shawn Mynar “When you’re in alignment, your motivation will stay naturally high, your self-discipline will be a constant because you know it’s what you’re meant to be doing.” - Shawn Mynar +++ SIGNATURE PROGRAM WAITLIST HEART-CENTERED ENTREPRENEUR UNSTUCK BIZ UNSTUCK ENTREPRENEUR INSTAGRAM SHAWNMYNAR.COM - Get the latest scoop +++ Enjoying the podcast? Be sure to SUBSCRIBE + leave a REVIEW and tell me why! I appreciate your support.