Unstuck | Mindset Coaching For Women

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Shawn Mynar of shawnmynar.com is your no-frills, non-preachy mindset coach. She helps women get unstuck so they can find a life of happiness, freedom, health, passion, and purpose, instead of just waiting for it to fall into their laps (because that's not how it works). Every Friday, you’ll get a dose of real-life, relatable thoughts on topics like how your mindset is affecting your life and health, what it means to achieve true wellness, how to manifest what you want, using your intuition, and what it takes to create a high-vibe life. We’ll take a hard look at the mindset your bringing to all areas of your life — health and wellness, relationships, money, business, and more — and learn how to have it work for you, not against you. These short, no fluff episodes will be exactly what you need to climb out of your current headspace and see life for what it really is; your chance to be, do and have whatever you want. It’s time to get (and stay) unstuck!