How Vishesh Chachra Left His Successful Career in Business to Pursue His Love of Acting


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Lessons from a Quitter


On this week’s episode, I talk with MBA turned actor, Vishesh Chachra. Vishesh left a lucrative finance career to pursue his life-long dream of becoming an actor. And his passion coupled with his persistence and dedication to honing his craft has led him to success in an industry that is notoriously difficult to break into. Over the past 8 years, he has appeared in 13 TV shows and 8 feature films. He currently recurs on a CBS primetime sitcom.  While Vishesh is clearly talented, we dive into how his mindset has helped set him apart from so many others that pursue the same dreams.  In this episode, we talk about: why it’s important to pursue your passions how putting in the work to learn enables your success how reframing and mindset can change everything and so much more Find Vishesh here: Instagram: Website: IMDB: