Lessons from a Quitter

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It is never too late to start over. No matter how much time or money you’ve spent chasing degrees and jobs to get to your current position, if ultimately you’re unhappy, then it is time to quit. Each week, Goli Kalkhoran, a fellow quitter, will interview inspiring guests who have quit lucrative careers to forge their own path and create a life they love. Get insight, inspiration, tools, and resources to help you quit what you hate and figure out what it is that you love.

Be Delusional

This week I want to talk to you about being delusional. And my little secret is that we’re all delusional, we just don’t call it that. We have fancy t...
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Shifting Your Paradigm

This week I talk to you about shifting your paradigm, your worldview, your set of beliefs. Our society has focused so much on winning and losing and t...
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Getting Good At Feeling Discomfort

This week we talk all about discomfort. And I don't mean the dictionary definition of discomfort. I mean the feeling that you have when you are pushin...
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Stop Trying to Be Better

On this episode I talk about why you should be doing personal development, what it's for and what it's not for. Spoiler alert: if anything you're doin...
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Don't Quit Your Job... Yet

This week on the podcast, I talk about why you shouldn’t quit your job.. at least not yet. I’m not saying you need to stay in your job and just learn ...
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Finding Your Community

My biggest tip for success when you’re quitting and starting something new: Get in the room with people doing the thing you want to do.⁠ This week, I ...
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The Myth of Work/Life Balance

Here’s what everyone gets wrong about work/life balance.    You run around trying to change everything outside of you in order to try to gain a little...
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