I’m stuck and I don’t know what to do


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Unashamedly Human


“Dear Em, I am feeling very stuck in my life right now. I’m 38, single, in a job I like but don’t love and I feel like life is passing me by. Any advice?”   I sure do have some advice! In this episode we look at WHAT being stuck actually means; WHY we go there in the first place and HOW to move past it!   Ready to join the HUB? We can’t wait to welcome you! https://unashamedly-human.mykajabi.com/unashamedly-human-hub   Every fortnight I go live in my free Facebook group Unashamedly Human  and on Instagram @unashamedlyemily recording these episodes, LIVE.    I am answering YOUR questions about love, life, business, mindset, spirituality, relationships and the cluster-fuck of being UNASHAMEDLY HUMAN.   All you need to do to have your question answered is email my team info@emilychadbourne.com All questions will remain anonymous.    When you are ready to join us in the Unashamedly Human HUB, head here https://unashamedly-human.mykajabi.com/unashamedly-human-hub   And please do me a solid favour and let all of your mates know if you loved this episode. If you listen on iTunes please rate and review. Share the Spotify link through your social media and tag me in your insta stories @unashamedlyemily using the hashtag #unashamedlyhuman   Thank you. I am so very grateful to you and I'm here to support you. Keep being brave!