Imposter Syndrome


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Have you ever asked yourself, "who am I to do this thing?" or felt like you weren't good enough, or that people would find out you're a fraud? Well then you've felt imposter syndrome. We talked to former actress turned life coach, Nicole Baker, all about imposter syndrome and more, including how to overcome imposter syndrome, change your mindset and when imposter syndrome can actually be good. Whether you're an entrepreneur, dreamer, achiever or in a new job, understanding imposter syndrome and hearing Nicole's inspiring words will help you. Find Nicole on Instagram @lifecoachbaker and work with her at! And be sure to follow us both on instagram and stay tuned for our giveaway!! Don't forget to follow us at @happyishthepodcast on Instagram, like us on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest. You can email us at Follow Courtney at @clfordd, Emily at @emilykylephotoP.S. Our first merch item has arrived! Get your Happy(ish) necklaces and place your order here!xoxo