In Jeans You're Mine


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Five Minutes of Doubt


In Jeans You're Mine. Written and performed by Emily Benita. Have you ever seen an object, laying there on the ground, entirely without context? Looks ridiculous, in this space you were just trotting over. And what is your next thought? You wonder how that got there. You wonder about its history, its secrets, its travels. It’s probably better travelled than you, you worn-out workaday sap! In Jeans You’re Mine tells the story of a girl stopped dead in the street by an inanimate object... Artwork by Sam Vickers. You can get our podcast on Soundcloud: Five Minutes of Doubt is a fortnightly podcast featuring standalone monologues or two-handers. The only remits are that the pieces at a maximum seven and a half minutes long, scripted and narrative. We’re happy for the piece you work on to be fictional or true, but be warned: it is not a soapbox, or the home for a formless rant. Do you wanna submit? You can reach out to us on the channels below: