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Helpful Links History of human factors – A short video by Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority explaining some of the history of human factors engineering.What is a UX Designer? – Nick Babich gives an overview of the UX Designer job.Impostor Syndrome – Tiffany Eaton discusses working through feelings of professional insecurity as a designer.Don’t Make Me Think – the classic introductory book on user experience design by Steve Krug. More Ascend UX ContentVisit the Ascend UX podcast’s website for more episodes. Contact UsWe love your questions and feedback! Please send them to We read every message and may use your question in a future show.Ayan Bihi or Evan Sunwall are always happy to connect with listeners on LinkedIn. Just add a note mentioning the show in your invitation. CreditsThanks to Ultravice and Lakey Inspired for the use of their music.Thanks to our producer and editor Brandon Robinson.This show is created by PROS and the PROS UX Team. Copyright 2020 Ascend UX. All rights reserved.