Is the Lifestyle Law Practice Going the Way of the Dodo?


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>> Get the newest LFG episodes delivered to your inbox when you Sign Up for our Newsletter.Resource Links:Get access to Close Your Next Consultation masterclass when you join our Law Firm Growth Secrets Facebook groupEstate planning attorney? Grow your law firm your way and only pay with results with Seminar 3.0What does an extinct bird have to do with a highly desirable, modern business model?In a word, competition. As the lifestyle business is touted by more people, this particular style of business becomes much more popular and desirable.Thinking about taking your law firm the way of the lifestyle business?If you were to start a one today, it is possible to succeed. But the limitations are different than what most people imagine. In this week’s podcast, host Jan Roos talks about why starting a lifestyle business now comes with different challenges than it used to. Jan discusses the importance of margins and what competitive advantages are compatible with running this type of law firm. There’s much more to learn in this episode about creating a profitable law firm, so tune in now!In this episode: 02:48 - what is margin and why does it matter for lifestyle businesses?04:35 - the story of the dodo and why running a lifestyle business has changed07:10 - competitive advantages compatible with running a lifestyle business About Our Host:Jan Roos is the founder and CEO of CaseFuel agency, which helps law firms generate revenue through pay-per-click advertising. He is a legal marketing expert and is the author of the bestselling book, Legal Marketing Fastlane. It talks about PPC lead generation, a technique used to generate client leads for big and small practices.If you liked this episode, please don’t forget to subscribe, tune in, and share this podcast. See for privacy and opt-out information.