Jeff Whelan Explains Tik Tok


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Good Vibes and Good Talk, that's what we're all about here at Dad Chats! And nobody has better vibes than Jeff Whelan!We start off with some New Wave grooves with our Dad Song of the Day (1:00) before we get in deep with questions like "What is it like being an older parent?" (2:00), "How has technology changed over the last 20 years?" (5:00), "Is the world really more dangerous than it used to be?" (8:00), and "Can dads really like golf that much?" (9:30). Then, prepare to be amazed at how hip and with it we are when we discuss WHAT TIK TOK VIDEOS WE LIKE (11:00) (*insert air horn). We finish up our regular Q+A with "How do you know if what your kid listens to is evil?" (12:45) and "What is the best part of being a dad?"In the second half of our show, we get into our weekly segments with Ask a Dad, where we answer student-submitted questions rapid-fire (16:30), Dad Recommendations, where we recommend Dad Things to Do with your kids (26:15), and Dad Gifts, where we recommend gifts to buy a dad (father's day is right around the corner!) (28:25).If you have any questions for Ask a Dad, or would like your own dad to be a guest on the show, please email us at