Journey To The Center Of The TERF


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Anti-Social Media Podcast


The Tweet: The video: ==== Check out my updated PATREON, now with added rewards: Throw your spare change at me in the street, or via PAYPAL: Ko-Fi (Buy me a coffee) : x ===== ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA on Twitter: Listen to the Anti-Social Media Podcast via; iTUNES: SPREAKER: SOUNDCLOUD: And on most other platforms too. ASM on YouTube: Xx ======== COMMENT RULES: Sadly people cannot behave themselves, and to reduce the amount of far-right rhetoric and/or troll comments, please be aware that ALL COMMENTS ARE MONITORED, and will not be made public if they are abusive or horrendously bigoted. If you're trying to get a rise out of people, via a comment, remember - the public won't see it if I don't approve the comment, so you will have no audience for your hatred. So play nice. I invite bigots to discuss the issues raised in my videos, so stay calm, and refrain from using slurs, and you never know - you might have your thoughts published. x