Listener Q&A: When Other People Don't Believe In Your Business Idea — Ep. 114


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"How do I handle it when my family doesn't believe in my business idea or its success?" Not getting the support and encouragement you were hoping for as you tell others about your business idea? You're not alone. But what are you supposed to do to get people to believe in your vision? Have a tough conversation? Call them out? Get mad at them? In this episode, I'm breaking down the truth behind this listener question and giving some real talk on the quickest way to get people to believe in your business and its success. “Other people will believe in you and your business and your success as soon as you believe in you.” - Shawn Mynar “Don't give people any room to not believe in you.” - Shawn Mynar “The moment that you have an idea, it is possible… You can and you will.” - Shawn Mynar "What do you do when someone doesn’t believe in your business? YOU believe in your business." - Shawn Mynar +++ UNSTUCK BIZ UNSTUCK ENTREPRENEUR INSTAGRAM SHAWNMYNAR.COM - Get the latest scoop +++ Enjoying the podcast? Be sure to SUBSCRIBE + leave a REVIEW and tell me why! I appreciate your support.