Margaret Hartigan - Trust & Tech in the Financial Advice Business


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Elephant in the Room


Marstone CEO and co-founder Margaret Hartigan and CEO Peter Kraus discuss the topic of trust in the financial advice business:02:05 - Margaret's background and how Marstone was born05:23 - Has trust in financial advice eroded?06:58 - How transparent is the industry?11:05 - Educated consumers and the illusion of choice12:40 - I was an advisor; my dad is an advisor16:08 - Why are people avoiding advisors?18:41 - Technology's role in enabling smaller financial institutions21:05 - Maslow's Hierarchy26:02 - Gamification: choose your own adventure financial planning32:07 - Generational differences in the use of technology44:16 - What can smaller financial institutions do to adapt?33:29 - What's likely to change in the future?36:16 - Do people even want to talk to people?