Music for mental health


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That Inner Voice


After graduating with a degree in jazz, Catherine studied for a diploma in crystal therapy and qualified as a Reiki Master in 2001 whilst forging a successful career in music before having children. When her first child was born in 2009 she decided to integrate her musicianship with her passion for health and wellbeing as it became apparent the importance of a mother’s state of mind and the effect that has on the child. Her company “Belightful Music” was born in 2011 shortly after her 2nd child and continues to work wonders with the 3rd child!! With a strong belief that music is food for the soul she has created specific music to keep the mind-body in prime condition. To find out more and follow Catherine here...  You find out more and follow Jen hereFacebook : : website :  Review, Subscribe and ShareIf you like what you hear please leave a review by clicking herePodchaser : sure you’re subscribed to the podcast so you get the latest episodes.