Oak Island Treasure: The Money Pit Mystery


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Research begins at 21:25Money, money, money! Loadsamoney! Hidden away deep in a pit in Nova Scotia. What treasures are hidden on Oak Island? Could it be pirate treasure, french royal jewels, or even the Holy Grail!? Well pick up your shovel and dig into the whole enchilada on the Oak Island Mystery Money Pit! Thanks to Josey Wales for the topic!In the first segment, Andy and Art update you on their life in the bunker.In the second segment, Andy and Art  give you, the listeners, an uninterrupted presentation of their research into the Oak Island Treasure.Finally, Andy and Art discuss scavenger hunts, sunk cost fallacy, us on the dig team, and so much more!Send us your thoughts to @MrBunkerPod and mrbunkerpod@gmail.com using the hashtag #BoreholeMusic by Michael MartelloArtwork by Hannah RossAudio Editing by Arthur StoneFollow Us:PatreonTwitterInstagramWebsiteYoutubeLinks Mentioned:OAK ISLAND, NOVA SCOTIA - homeThe Oak Island Treasure & Money Pit, Oak Island, Nova ScotiaHistory, Hoax, and Hype: The Oak Island LegendOak IslandOak Island Treasure | The home of Oak Island's Money Pit Mystery since 2001This 17th Century Conspiracy Theory May Explain the Oak Island 'Money Pit'Entertainment Do They Ever Find Anything on Oak Island? Plus, How to Visit By Amber GarrettTreasure hunting in Nova Scotia: 5 ways to experience Oak Islandhttps://web.archive.org/web/20161103221316/http://www.csicop.org/si/show/secrets_of_oak_island"The Money Pit Mystery" - In Search Of...