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That Inner Voice


That Inner Voice- The podcast that delves deep into all matters of the mind, getting up close and personal with coaches, healers, authors, actors, sports people, ex addicts, musicians and many more to bring you an insight into how they overcome life's challenges and their top tips for looking after mental ,emotional, spiritual and physical health. What does your inner voice say to you??Ruth is an educational consultant based in the heart of the Midlands with her husband Phill, young son Franklin, Nutmeg the cat and Pepper the dog. After struggling through demanding and strained relationships throughout childhood and her teen years Ruth decided to become a Primary School teacher in the hope to ensure that no child feels the same way that she did growing up. However, she still struggled with her mental health and dependency on people-pleasing and the trials this brings. So, in 2018, Ruth decided to leave mainstream schools behind her and instead retrained as a First Aid and First Aid for Mental Health training instructor. She combined this with her vast experience of working with two-year olds to teenagers in addition to working with those who have additional needs to open her own company- Censeo Training and Tutoring. Ruth has embarked on a period of true growth and in wanting to succeed in her business goals, she has defeated many of her past demons and wants other people to know that if she can empower herself then others can too. Ruth now intends to stretch her reach further by supporting all parents and children in their teaching and learning of reading and writing whilst ensuring secure self-esteem and mental wellbeing, wherever they may be. You can find out more and follow Ruth herehttp://censeotrainingandtutoring.com/ Jennifer McKenzie - The Conscious Living Coach is the owner of Lunar Spirit Wellbeing a holistic and spiritual company. Jen is a spiritual life coach and mentor. Meditation and mindfulness teacher. Reiki Master/teacher. Holistic therapist, gravity yoga instructor, talk show & podcast host and best-selling author. Jen inspires, motivates and encourages individuals to take that deep dive into self-healing  to overcome limitations, anxiety, break the cycle of self-sabotage so you can excel in life. Jen does this by helping you get in touch with your soul, find inner peace, gain the courage to step up and be a leader in your life, be your true authentic self and consciously create the life you desire and deserve. Find out more and follow Jen here....Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/healingshedInstagram: https://instagram.com/the_conscious_living_coachYouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/Our website : https://lunarspiritwellbeing.com/  Review, Subscribe and ShareIf you like what you hear please leave a review by clicking herePodchaser : https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/that-inner-voice-1357542Make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast so you get the latest episodes.