Property is Theft - 25/04/16


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In this week's show, we take a look at the Sentencing Council's recent Theft Offences guideline. Take a listen right here. Theft is probably the most common criminal offence that appears before the courts. Of course, there are several types of theft and attitudes towards shoplifting will be rather different than attitudes towards theft from the person. Not just that but the courts of England and Wales arguably need to have their sentencing practices standardised so that justice is the same no matter where you are. But of course, it just isn't that simple. The new Guideline from the Sentencing Council sets out to fix it all but, in the process, really might make some things rather a lot worse...Let us know if you like the new "Bites" format (shorter and with less wine and cake) or if you are longing for a return to our longer format. If you are a law student, we'd be really grateful if you would spread the news of our show's return around your law school friends. Also, get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.PLEASE RATE/REVIEW US: wherever you subscribe, please take two seconds as we start this series, to give us some stars and a few kind words.  We'd be e'er so obliged.  It helps us get up the search rankings, ya see.  If you use iTunes, please click here and it'll take just seconds!