Relief from Painful Periods and PCOS with Lara Briden


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Do you have painful periods? How about irregular periods? Have you taken birth control to "regulate" your periods? Are you a partner of someone who experiences issues with periods? Lara Briden is on the show with me today. She has over 25 years experience working with women and issues with menstruation. She has followed the cutting edge research dealing with periods. She's on the show today to give us a sneak peak into her upcoming presentation called "Ovulation Matters" at the  (RMSS) on November 16. In this episode we talk about the evidence in research that has been coming out. Some common misconceptions, issues with hormonal birth control, what actions you can take with nutrition to address some common symptoms and the topics she'll be covering at the RMSS. This is such an important topic because 3.75 billion people in the world are female bodied individuals. Almost all of them experience menstruation. It is such a common experience and has historically been under-researched and many women suffer from PCOS, endometriosis, irregular and painful periods. Frequently told that it's normal and to just "suffer through it." Lara is here to share the news that it does not need to be something to suffer through. This episode is brought to you by the rocky mountain sex summit. If you'd like to attend the RMSS in salt lake 2019 visit to register. - Resources from the Show Her book we reference in the show - Listen on , , , , and     Leave Birds and Bees an iTunes review Leave a Stitcher Review Birds and Bees Facebook Page Listen from our webpage