RIP NIP!! Also... Shirt C@ckin'


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We Ain't Found Sh!t


What Up Folks!! We're back... Sorry it's been awhile... Life stuff! Anyway on this episode we discuss the life of West Coast Legend Nipsey Hussle. From his music to his work in the community. He will most definitely be missed. Which leads us into to talking about the conspiracy theories that popped up after. We also get into Joe Biden and the young lady that was attack in Depp Elm. Lastly!!! We talk about some of the exploits of The Lightskin Gawd... Which we have a challenge out there for this episode. We need 200 plus listens on this episode to get the video reference in the podcast release!!! So very important to.. SHARE!!! LIKE!!! COMMENT!!! REVIEW!!! Especially on this one LOL!!! PEACE!!!