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SEASON 3!!! We're Back!!!

Yo!!!! We're back!!!! That's right SEASON 3!!!! Yo in this joint we get into some random topics like... Space Awareness, Folks not giving head in 2020...
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The Amber Guyger Episode

What up folks! We're back and from what you can tell from the title of this episode we pretty much talk about the Amber Guyger verdict and the afterma...
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The Fragrance Episode

What up Folks!!! We are back with another episode. On this joint, we had topics and decided to talk about some random stuff instead. We get into my(Co...
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Roc and A Hard Place

What Up Folks!!! We're back!!! Been awhile... Well it's the start of Season 3 and ain't nothing change. We're still bringing the heat. In this episode...
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Raid Area 51??? Nah Son!!!

What Up Folks!!! We're back with another episode!!! Yo on this joint we get into the conditions at The Detention Centers, US Women Soccer winning the ...
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I'll Never Go Back To Georgia!!!

What up folks!!! We're back with some new heat!!! Yo in this episode we get into a few topics. We talk about Scott Peterson(officer at Parkland), When...
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White Men Eff'n Up The World

What folks!!! Yes... Yes We're Back!!! Yo I know it's been awhile... I know!!! But you won't be disappointed... I think... Anyway on this episode we t...
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It's Been A Long Time

What up folks! We're back!!! After a little hiatus due to some behind the scenes technical issues... Yo this episode was recorded 2 weeks, in it we ta...
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RIP NIP!! Also... Shirt C@ckin'

What Up Folks!! We're back... Sorry it's been awhile... Life stuff! Anyway on this episode we discuss the life of West Coast Legend Nipsey Hussle. Fro...
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