Royalty Without the Gold


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Did you think we were going to wrap up this limited run without an episode featuring a point based game, all of the jokes our wonderful fans have sent us and a LOT of disgusting bodily fluids talk? CUM ON!Do you want to hear the long-awaited AVN and porn conversation that took place after this episode went off the air? It will be a bonus episode very soon! Support the Arcade Audio family at Please check out the Swogglepedia Wiki!Follow Podswoggle on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube (where you can watch the P1 Pinnacle, Podswoggle Title Tournaments and complete Marcho Madness streams and highlights)The 2021 Podswoggle Rumble will take place on Sunday, January 31st at 4 PM EST! Make sure you are subscribed to our Twitch! Send in your thoughts to the Podswoggle Mailbag! We will be checking this regularly. Also send an email to!